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Global Village (Alkmaar enero 2010)

Global Village ha sido la primera exposición internacional con participación yreal, bajo el tema de la globalización y la aldea global. Laterocronotopia 2.4.5 se acompañabe del sigueine texto:

Laterocronotopia is a neologism specially created for these representations of the ambivalence that involves certain actual conflicts we must nowadays afford. One of them is, evidently, globalization. Globalization brings ambivalence as it provides certain specific anxieties as well as specific gratifications, which human beings are condemned to suffer/enjoy at the same time, such as nuclear toxic hope, generalization of experience, increasing obsolescence, glocalization, internet powerless omnipotence, www totipotential impossibility, etc. One can suffer/enjoy these globalized temporospatial experiences anywhere along the new non-sites in the global village.
Laterocronotopies are the narrative constructions of these ambivalent experiences. But laterocronotopia is aiming to globalize in other ways as well, as they are part of the conceptual global project for utopic colonization of the web of senses. This means that laterocronotopia tries to spread along a previous unexisting space of sense so as to create an utopic way of spreading metaposryzomatic narratives. Metaposryzomatic (another neologism that has recently colonized it´s own space in the web of senses) is strongly based in posmodernist conceptual work (Deleuze´s and Gauttari´s nomadic thinking and ryzomatic sense spreading, Derrida´s aporetic and deconstructive thinking, Lyotard´s delegitimization of the former great narratives, Foucault´s discoveries about the mechanisms that maintain the mainstream discourse, etc.), and describes the way in which laterocronotopies would like to reach globalization. But apart from posmodernism, metaposryzoma and laterocronotopies are also strongly based in some vanguardist utopic thinking, such as constructivism and dadaism. This is why laterocronotopia claims to be globally considered as part of the narrativistic metavanguardism.

Vídeo de la exposición:

Laterocronotopia 2.4.5. ha tenido diversas repercusiones mediáticas y organizativas. Otras laterocronotopias pueden verse en DOMESTIKA

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